Meanwhile in Mosul.

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I’m a Christian for life, and I dedicate my life to God! #jesustweeters #unashamedimpact



#IAmCoptic: Exposing Persecution in Egypt

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Imagine, if you will, going to church on Sunday morning all dressed…

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Hey everybody! So this is me holding a sign and you may be wondering…what slaughter? Is this another post about Gaza? And I’m here to say, no it’s not. While the atrocities occurring in Gaza are brutal and unacceptable I’m here to talk about another issue that the media FAILS TO COVER IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. If you haven’t heard already, there is a new terrorist group called Isis emerging from Iraq. While terrorism is horrible for everybody and everything, it is especially bad for the indigenous Christians who are being FORCED TO CONVERT TO ISLAM OR BE SLAUGHTERED. Ten years ago there were 1.5 million Assyrians (the majority of Christians in the region), now there are only 400,000. Since the media fails to cover this BRUTALITY, I need you guys…TUMBLR I NEED YOU ALL TO SIGNAL BOOST THIS. Christians are being FORCED OUT OF THEIR HOMES. Women are being RAPED. Children are ORPHANED. They even have the audacity to CRUCIFY two teenagers who refused to convert. And all I ask is for you all to reblog this. TUMBLR THIS IS A GENOCIDE AND THESE PEOPLE ARE BEING SILENCED, BE THEIR VOICE. STOP ISIS NOW.

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Appeal from the Chaldean Catholic Patriarchate in Baghdad

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So this is something that is really on my heart tonight. Over in Iraq, a militant group is committing a genocide of the Christian population living in Iraq. In the past few weeks, the ISIS has come into Christian communities and given the citizens there a choice- convert to Islam, leave, or die. And this choice is made right there on the spot. On any average day, about 250 Christians die for their faith. In this genocide, over 1500 people have been killed. Mosul was a Christian community and has been for 2000 years, but now the Christian population there is 0. Those who chose to flee left with only the clothes on their backs. This petition (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/help-christians-mosul-and-iraq-who-are-part-modern-day-holocaust/S0cLfXZg) asks the Obama administration to help grant the refugees political asylum. Even if you aren’t Christian, please sign the petition, as these people need help. It shouldn’t matter their religion, but they have nothing and putting your name on a petition with a few clicks can help them immensely.

The deafening Silence of the atheists, SJW’s, Pagans, Feminists, and liberals of Tumblr is being noted

Hmmm….I’m a Christian. But also a feminist…therefore you are wrong.

You’ll have to explain to the thousands of vehemently anti-Christian feminists that you represent how all of them think then. But seeing as how many of them claim you can’t be a Christian (you know, traditional gender roles and such) and a feminist simultaneously, I’m afraid they mightn’t listen to you.